20th June - Sunday - heritage enthusiasts get-together :: BV Bhawan - Mylapore
  • Dear Friends,

    In response to Prof Swaminathan's suggestion,

    Pradeep Chakraborthy
    Dr. Chita Madhavan
    Kizhakku Padhippagam Mr. Badri
    and other heritage enthusiasts have consented to participate..

    " Iyakkunar Sigaram " Director K Balachander has also agreed to attend and honour certain participants on behalf of Tamil Heritage Foundation.

    Archaelogist TKV Rajan - ISM - will be helping Prof Swaminathan.

    The programme is planned between 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs Sunday.

    Venue :: Bharthiya Vidhya Bhawan.

    Suggestions welcome to honour our blog-writers / heritage photographers.



    Dear friends,

    There are a number of organizations and individuals contributing to many aspects of Tamil culture. It is felt that a get together of all such organizations and individuals may be useful. Such a get together is being organized by Tamil Heritage Foundation and Indian Science Monitor on the 20th of this at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan between 10 AM and 1 PM .

    A number of persons, experts in and enthusiasts of Tamil culture are passing through Chennai because of the ensuing Classical Tamil Conference. Hence the timing.

    In this get together, we propose that organizations and individuals explain in brief about their activities and future programmes.

    The following is a list of organizations and individuals we are know. You may invite other like-minded organisations and individuals on our behalf with intimation to us. We request you to make available brochures of your activities, if available.

    We would like to make clear that the meeting is to aimed at knowing each other and sharing experience and at present is not attempting formation of any federation.
  • Dear SPS,


    1. Vijay - poetry in stone
    2. Vairam palaniappan - karka.nirka
    3. Satheesh

    for photos ::

    1. Ashok krishnaswamy
    2, Arvind Venkatraman
    3, Katherine

    for heritage enthusiasts ::

    You may suggest suitable person.

    We will identify some more.


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