20th Meet
  • Dear friends

    There are a number of organizations and individuals contributing to many aspects of Tamil culture. It is felt that a get together of all such organizations and individuals may be useful.

    Such a get together is being organized on the 20th of this at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan between 10 AM and 1 PM., by Prof Swaminathan, Tamil Heritage Foundation / Indian Science Monitor.

    THF serves Tamils around the world, mainly through email groups, MinTamil and Roots. (Visit: http://www.tamilheritage.org)

    A number of persons, experts in and enthusiasts of Tamil culture are passing through Chennai because of the ensuing Classical Tamil Conference. Hence the timing.

    In this get together, we propose that organizations and individuals explain in brief about their activities and future programmes.

    The following is a list of organizations and individuals we are know. You may invite other like-minded organisations and individuals on our behalf with intimation to us. We request you to make available brochures of your activities, if available.

    We would like to make clear that the meeting is to aimed at knowing each other and sharing experience and at present is not attempting formation of any federation.

    Adyar Tamil Sangam has been organising monthly meetings for the last many decades;

    South Indian Heritage programmes are organized by TAG, and has been arranging a talk every moth along with a number of culture-related programmes through the year;

    Tamil Heritage Group (Prof Swaminathan) conducts a talk every month.

    PS Group is an egroup with more than 2000 members distributed over the globe and is active in various fields, like documentation, discussions, publication and heritage walks.

    REACH Foundation, among other its activities, is its temple renovation projects.

    Prakriti Foundation is helping sharing information and wisdom that many of the giant scholars of India and abroad offer.
    (Visit: http://conserveheritage.org)

    Roja Muthiah Research Library, a repository of are books, arranges regular talks and exhibitions.
    (Visit: http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/e/su/southasia/about-rmrl.html)
    Mallikai, an informal group located in the Thakkar Bapa Complex, conducts `review a book every week' for many years.

    National Folklore Support Centre executes a number of projects connected with folklore. (Visit: http://www.indianfolklore.org)

    There are also individuals who have been active in the field of culture, like Dr. Chitra Madhavan (historian), Vellayampattu Sundaram (Publisher), Pradeep Chakravarthy (Heritage enthusiast)
  • Dear SPS,

    My hearty wishes for the great meet.

    I will try my level best to participate but chances are less as I have already planned the Coimbatore Trip directly from here. However I sincerely hope all our active members of PSVP at Chennai will participate and make it as huge sucess.

  • Dear Sri Dhivakar,

    We are trying to take advantage of many delegates reaching Chennai around that time prior to the Chemmozhi conference.

    For us in PS Group - we are familiar with several of them.

    But there are several others who could not interact likewise.

    The arrangement is to open that Window for them too.

    Will revert on Tuesday / wednesday.

    We will be missing you !!

    rgds / sps

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