Shiva - Rudra - Swami Vivekananda's views
  • Whenever you find time,

    pls try posting relevent

    portions from Swamiji's speech / views.

    thanks and regards dear Dhiwakar,


  • sir

    there is a big heap of swamiji's books lying with me..

    not that i have voluntarily collected out of interest on the great saint.. rather thrust upon me..

    right from my primary schooling, the prize for winning in a school competition used to be only swamiji's books....even aarudhal parisu was the same.. just the size and title of the book varied with each prize..

    will take some time to go through the heap to quote the relevant portion
  • That also brings us back to preserving and providing access to such books ...

    In the new Library at Kotturpuram - can consider donation.



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