Vattara vazhakku in ancient songs
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    It is intresting to note that there are many words used in a particular locality finding a place in the litrature.

    In Chettinad we use certain words, which i have not heard in other areas.. It is intresting to note that Sri Andal had used some of them in Thiruppavai. It is amazing that many words which we consider as a slang, is actually a pure literary word.( you might have discussed already)

    ( for eg the Madras Bashai Kasmalam is a pure sanskrit word, Kasmalam - meaning some thing as waste. While changing the poonal the mantra has a word kasmala dushidam.)

    Now Coming to Andal :

    1. paiya.(பைய) In Chettinad we say paiya varadu as coming slowly, in a realxed mode. when used paiya paiya - it is slowly slowly.( meduva)paiya is both slow and relaxed.

    Andal uses in the second song

    வையத்து வாழ்வீர்காள்! நாமும் நம்பாவைக்குச்
    செய்யுங் கிரிசைகள் கேளீரோ! பாற்கடலுள்
    பையத் துயின்ற பரமன் அடிபாடி,

    The lord who is sleeping relaxingly in the milky ocean.

    2. Vellana (வெள்ளென) is used to denote very early in the morning.

    Kalaiyila vellana vandudu, vellana ezhundiru etc.

    Andal uses this word in the 8th song.

    கீழ்வானம் வெள்ளென்று, எருமை சிறுவீடு
    மேய்வான் பரந்தனகாண்; மிக்குள்ள பிள்ளைகளும்

    3. Vilakkudal.(விளக்க) Theythal. Pathiram vilakkaradu. In Chettinad, vilakkudal is thulakkudal. Andal says by taking birth in the womb, damodara cleansed the mothers womb. In the 5th song.

    தாயைக் குடல்விளக்கம் செய்த தாமோதரனை

    I read one more intresting vattara vazhakku ( or say Kuzhuvu kuri) in another old song. will come back later.
  • Dear Mr.Sankaranarayanan,

    You may want to look for the following words when you read other songs from Thiruppavai or other literary works.

    1. Koothal -- chillness. Mr.S.Theodore Baskaran, in one of his title (Tamaraipoo Tatakam ?), references a Tamizh literary work of Sangam age where this word has been used.

    2. Coru -- cooked rice

    3. Cati -- vessel

    4. Arivalmanai -- used to cut vegetables

    There is more words that sound like a slang but its root is pure Tamizh, will mail them later.

    Am from Chettinad but currently live with my family in Madras.
  • Dear Shankar

    Paiya...Vellana....Villakku are all used very commonly by village folk in the thnajavur district...I am amazed that these are actually chaste tamil words..

    mannin maanbu!


    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

    To: [email protected]
  • Beautiful!

    I am still enjoying your Kannaiyan - Vellaiyan hypothesis and now you come with Kasmaalam!

    Yes Kannaiyan - Vellaiyan does not have any literary or inscriptional evidence but it is a very creative hypothesis. In Hindi krishna is always called khana. The black one.

    Vellaiyan should be aligned with Dr RN's article on vellai nagar vazhipadu.

  • one more to madras tamizh..

    "gam"nu kada.. means keep quiet or be still....

    "gam "is the beeja mantram of "pillaiyar"the elephant god ..

    other usage is "pudichu vaicha pillaiyar maadhiri irukkaan" meaning that he is still as the pillaiyar...

    so gamnu kada means be still as the pillaiyar , the "gam" being beeja mantram of pillaiyarr..
  • Pillaiyar 'gammunu kidakkathathal than' Srirangam got Ranganathar. He
    wouldn't wait for Vibhishana to complete his evening sandhya and placed
    Ranganatha on the banks of Cauveri.
  • sir

    i heard a lot of similar stories like this one where pillaiyar comes as a boy and does the same thing to various people .....

    sounds too similar..

    the first one being the "gokarnam" incident with the great Ravanan...

    think the gokarnam incident has inspired a lot of people to write similarly...

    may be the gokarnam incident might have been inspired by some other story which iam not aware of...
  • Excellent

    Even the Theevalam with the help of a Marayavar and showing arundadi are mentioned in silappadigaram during marriage.

    Simillarly in Varanam ayiram of anadal

    Mandirakodi udithi manamalai is mentioned for the Koorai saree and manamalai.

    The word Kodi also used for the saree.
  • Dear Sankaranarayanan Sir,

    I read the below mgs. Relay nice..

    2. Coru -- Its not Coru, Its “Soru” --> cooked rice

    3. Cati—Its not Cati, Its “Satti” -> – vessel

    I modified your words.
  • > sir
    > i heard a lot of similar stories like this one where pillaiyar comes as a boy and does the same thing to various people .....
    > sounds too similar..
    > the first one being the "gokarnam" incident with the great Ravanan...
    > think the gokarnam incident has inspired a lot of people to write similarly...
    > may be the gokarnam incident might have been inspired by some other story which iam not aware of...

    Precisely dear Dhiwakar..

    I used to feel the Thomas Becket and King Henry Store was prelude to Dasavatharam - Kulothunga episodes..

    Labels only get changed ...

    thanks and regards / sps

  • Also similar story w Ravan flying on Pushpaka over the JothiLingam at
    Deoghar: Sri Baidyanatha, in what's now Jharkhand St.
    The gods are frightened of R's increasing powers.
    So Varuna enters Ravan's stomach, & R. must
    relieve himself, so asks old Brahmin hanging around there, Vishnu in
    disguise, to hold the precious Lingam intended for Lanka, til he's
    done. V. sets it down. etc.
    Don't know if the story there is older than that at Gokarn.
  • There are two temples near chennai which are very clsoeby. Both siva temple.

    One is thirumullaivayil and another is thirumazhisai.

    In both a king ( tmlvl - Thondaiman and tirumazhisai - karikal cholan) was returning on elephant. The leg of elephant entwines in a mullai kodi ( a type of jasmine plant). The king cuts that with sword. Blodd oozes. He finds a lingam, which was bleeding. He tries to cut his neck with the sword and the lord appears.

    The tmlvl story is mentioned by sundarar in his thevaram. Both temples are just 7 km apart.

    same story.
  • "uNNum sORu, parugum nIr, tinnum veRRilai ellAm kaNNan" - Nammazhwar
  • madam

    as you rightly pointed out there are lot of incidents which appear in various puranam/itihasam..

    for instance lot of similarities in kandapuranam and ramayanam

    1.banugopan(son of soorapadman) killed by veerabahu(younger to murugan) and the great indrajit(son of ravana. he is the most powerful of the asuras, even overtaking ravana in his valour and power) being killed by lakshmanar(younger to ravana)

    2. ""indru poi naalai vaa" episode in both the stories
    3. "veerabahu thoodhu" and "ängadhan" thoodhu in kandapuranam and ramayanam respectively .(chance given to the opponent to come back to good ways)
    4. Treating the opponet with great respect

    apart from the above there are lot of similarities present.. those given above just came to my mind..
  • good info sir..

    btw, i know the famous jagannatha perumal temple in tirumazhiasi.. where is the sivan temple there in tirumazhiai.. please guide..
  • Just on the busstop
    Big temple. on the main road.
    Gajabrushta vimanam like thirumullaivoyil, Vadapalani nengeeswaram. Swami and ambal in a sitting posture behind the lingam like Thiruverkadu siva temple.( pallava temple?)
  • Thoothu is common before any war. Mahabharata has krishnan toothu

    The Soorpadman killing is much older legend.

    The Purana phase is after 14th century. It is the period of resettlement in South after the Sultanate.

    ItMAY BE to boost the morale and self pride, the dramatisation added.

    In Marketing terms, Puranas are rural catalogues of the religion.
  • Appar thevaram of Tirupachur
    Koodal = Kulir
    - வேதமோர் நான்காய்ஆ றங்க மாகி
    விரிகின்ற பொருட்கெல்லாம் வித்து மாகிக்
    கூதலாய்ப் பொழிகின்ற மாரி யாகிக்
    குவலயங்கள் முழுதுமாய்க் கொண்ட லாகிக்

    ( Thanks to our member Mr Muthiah who advised me to find out Koodal.)

    Members are requested to ensure that copyright issues are not violated

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