ramayanam - esoteric
  • most of our members might have known this.. but still thought to post

    by swami sivananda


    The esoteric meaning of Ramayana is this: Ravana represents Ahankara or egoism. His ten heads represent the ten senses. The city of Lanka is the nine-gated city of the physical body. Vibhishana corresponds to the intellect. Sita is peace. Rama is Jnana (wisdom). To kill the ten-headed Ravana is to kill the egoism and curb the senses. To recover Sita is to attain the peace which the Jiva (individual) has lost on account of desires. To attain Jnana is to have Darsana of Rama or the Supreme Self.

    He who crosses this ocean of Moha and destroys the Rakshasas,—Raga and Dvesha (likes and dislikes),—is a Yogin who is united with Santi or Peace, ever rests in Atman, and enjoys the eternal bliss. Sri Rama stands for the 'Good' (Sattva); Ravana for the 'Evil'. Sri Rama and Ravana fought with each other. Eventually Sri Rama became victorious. The positive always overcomes the negative. Good always overcomes evil.
  • 10 senses? I didn't know I had that many.
    Thought I had 5.
  • very worthwhile post. Keep it up dear Dhiwakar!!

  • There is an explanation on Ramayana as " Charanagadi" ( total surrender) Saram.( essence)

    Balaganda - Deva's surrender to Vishnu to save them from Ravan

    Ayodhya gandam - Bharadh's Charanagdi to Rama

    Aranya Gandam - Rishi's charanagati

    Kishkinda - Sugriva's

    Sundara - Devi Sita's

    Yudda - Vibhishana's

    All the other knew that only Vishnu/Ram can save them and surrendered. Vibhishana surrendered because he knew that Dharma is on Ram's side. ( That too after a long argument with Ravan to return Sita) That is why The Vibhishana Charanagati is great.

    Heard this from Srivatsa Jeyarama sharma's discource in Karaikudi, in my school days.
  • madam,

    there are 10 senses classified broadly into two

    indiryams = sensors = objects that connect to the outer world

    1. Karmendriyams(Action expressions) i.e karma + indriyams - elimination,grasping,reproduction,movement, speaking

    2. nyanendriyam (knowledge expressions) i.e. nyana + indiriyams - touching(body),tasting(mouth),seeing(eyes),smelling(nose),hearing(ears)

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