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    The multi axial classification of the avathais according to systems:

    Progression vs regression: mel,mathiyal and kezh avathais
    Here the the progression of malam in the direction either above or below is taken. Movement above means to higher states or cleaner states. Hence they are called melal –towars up. Whereas keezhal means movement of the malam downwards-that is to lowere states the soul. Mathial means the intermediary state. The melal avathai generally are cleaner states with lesser malam. The keezhal avthais means more severe malam contamination.
    Conscious state: sakkiram,soppanam,thuriam,suzhuthi and thuriya-adheetham
    The conscious state classification is one of the earliest systems of thought in Hinduism. The MANDUKYA upanisad mentions these states.
    Thorium=turia=deep sleep
    Thuriya-adheedham=turia-adheetha=coma,precoma,or deathlikestate?brain death
    The conscious states have to be taken when we classify malam and the state of malam and its manifestation depends upon the conscious state as well

    Anatomical levels: point between eye brows, throat, chest, abdomen and the basal points
    Here the avathai is located as per the location of the physical symptom. Highest point is the point between the eye brows. Then comes the throat. Then the heart or chest. Then the abdomen at the level of umbilicus. The last is the moola sthanam, which is the point of the elimination and reproductive organs.
    The anatomical locations are then classified depending upon their functional relevance. This is done at the next chapter. The notable work on this is UNMAI VILAKKAM by thiruvadhikai manavasagankadanthar. Thugalrubodham is also a good source information on the physiological aspects of the dhoola sareeram.
    Kalar states: vignana kalar. pralaya kalar and sakalar
    The kalar states are the next axis in which malam is assessed. The kalar are different subtypes of souls who relieve their malam at certain situations.
    The vignana kalar are one who have only one malam (anavam)and get rid of others in the vignana state-the knowledge acquisition state.
    The prayala kalar are souls who have two malams (anavam and kanmam)and get rid of the other during pralaya stage.
    The sakalar souls which has all the three malams.
    These five axis classifications yields a total of 675 avathais with different permutation combinations among them. The five axis are
    1. phase of life axis:3
    2. propulsion of malam;3
    3. conscious sate:5
    4. anatomical level::5
    5. kalar state:3
    the soul is calssified in this five axis model. That is a soul at a given time may suffer from any of the avathais according to the place it is in the five axis classification. Thus we can diagnose the avathai of the soul with clinical precision with the description of the symptoms the person gives.
    This is an excellent method to understand the souls's suffering and to give appropriare remedies by the guru with the help of the scriptural understanding. The remedies are discussed in the dhasa karium,panchakra pahrodai,nittai vilakam and the dheekai vilakkam.

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    verses with similar meanings can be found in abundance in "thiruvarutpa" aaraam thirumurai sir..

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