nellaiapper legend
  • Dear members,

    There was one legend  OR Truly happened incidence of Nellaippar temple at Tirunelveli

    There was
    a Muslim ruler in Thirunelveli. His wife was suffering
    from stomach pain . She tried various methods to get rid
    of this illness. All failed.   She was  advised  to arrange a special pooja at Nellaiapper temple.

    She got cured and got son too. She named him as Anavarata Khan. She built a shrine inside the temple  A separate 
    opening was provided  so
    that this Muslim  could worship from outside the

    Sivalingam was installed in this shrine and named as Anavarata
    khan in memory of the Muslim prince. Whether svialinga of khan exists there today? as mentioned

    Is that story is true and got any evidence? or just a story with intention to develop good relation between muslims and Hindus.
  • sir

    no idea about the nelliappar being worshipped by muslims..

    but present day visiting to "aavudaiyar koil" is still done by muslims, it not worship..

    sivan is athmanathar in the temple without any form.. typical to what muslims feel about god..

    i have beena couple of time to aavudaiyar koil and have seen muslims frequenting the place.. when i spoke to one of them, they said they come here to admire the sculptures ...

    but wheni checked with one of the close relative of mine who is also closely associated with the temple, he told me that they come here as they see god as formless which also corresponds to their religious belief..

    also, sivan came as a trader(may be a muslim trader as horses were supposed to be procured from arabia)to meet the pandyan king, when one examines the manickavasagar story...

    since the temple is being built by manickavasagar for shiva (who might have come in a muslim form - very disputable though) people might frequent..

    also, i heard that during meenakshi kalyanam in madurai, there is a muslim who gives the "thaali" free of cost to people thronging the function.. This is being done for long i believe..
  • hi

    How about thulukka naachiyaar shrine or should i call it painting in
    Srirangam. Similar legend in melcote as well.
  • I think I wrote t his already. I have seen muslim ladies lighting lamp for
    'saneeswara' in nagai karonam.
  • satish

    you are always ahead of time like bharathiyar :)
  • Dear All, i saw Muslim Ladies attendended Kumbabishegam in SRIVANJIYAM temple recently,,,, & received KUMKUM also,,,,,,,,
  • sir

    "allah enbaar sila pergal
    aranari enbaar sila pergal
    vallan para mandalathey vaazhum thandhai enbaargal
    sollal vilangaa nirvaanam ennum sila per solvaargal
    ellaam ippadi pala pesum edho
    oru porul irukkiradhey"...

    - Subramanya bharathiar

    some say allah, some say vishnu and sivan, some say the father living in heaven, some say it is indescribable "nirvana".. one thing is there which people call by diferent names as given above....

    like annamacharya said..

    "brahmam okkate.. parabrahmam okkate..
    antariki sri hari antaraatma. sri hari antaraatma...."

    the brahmam is one.. and the one who is inside everyone is "lord hari(vishnu) only"...

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