• Forwarding links from a
    Scholar on the subject.


    Dear Friends,

    all best wishes for the new year to you.
    thanks for this post about saving heritage!

    FYI I also attach below some links to my work related to documenting traditional metal casting at Swamimalai and art-science-dance studies on the Nataraja etc in southern India


    best for now
    Dr. Sharada Srinivasan, NIAS, Bangalore
    Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society UK
  • Dear Friends

    Following two youtube videos provide interesting details on
    the subject.

  • Dear Raaman,

    Excellent you tube link.

    thanks for sharing.

    Now re Vilayanur Ramachandran :

    He is a well recognised Scientist - Mylaporean !

    His passion for Indian culture is immense.

    About a year back he was invited to a meet by Prof Swaminathan - in Thakkar Baba Vidhyalaya and I also attended the same ..

    Very interesting talk by him.
    ( I think I posted the details also. will check and repost).

    He is an Art lover and Carnatic music lover.

    Some meetings with such well-reputed personalities are being organised with Tamil Heritage Foundation ..

    will revert with more details soon.

    regards / sps


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