About Udaiyar
  • Dear all,
    I's about to write about Udaiyar - well, Pavitra mundhikittanga.
    I unfortunately read Part II first ! Part I has been taken by
    somebody else in the library and I could not control my urge
    to read part II!
    Bala answers many of the questions you guys have raised in
    his prologue for Part II.
    * The novel itself consists of 4 parts. 2 have already come out.
    * The novel seems to have come as a series in Saravana
    stores magazine (Idhayam Pesukirathu). Since the editors expressed
    discomfort at such a long novel, bala has decided to write the other
    two as
    separate books - instead of a series.
    * His prologue excels in its own might - and is very interesting to
    read. He mentions about Mr.Sundar Bharatwaj as well as many
    others who provided him vital info. He has also listed a series of
    authors whose books he has referred. Very important info.
    * But the novel itself should not be viewed as a life story of
    etc (though the writer has wanted to write just that). Instead it
    be seen as a story of Tanjore Peruvudaiyar Koil - its conception,
    birth development etc. So we see all events happening around the
    temple and not just rajaraja. Infact the political atmosphere is given
    much less importance rather than the spiritual importance. Thus we
    have to forego all the standard elements of a historical novel and
    view it with a different perspective. To some extent, Udaiyar reminds
    me of Sri Venugolalan's THIRUVARANGAN ULA another historic
    masterpiece - here, the entire story revolves around the deity of
    srirangam and people associated with him. This novel also defies all
    the standard historic novel grammer laid out by Kalki and sandilyan.
    * Characterization in Udaiyar is vast and sometimes vague. No
    single character gets into our heart and soul. Perhaps, the writer
    to convey the hercuilan collective effort that went behind the
    and did not want to portray one single hero etc.
    All in all, Udaiyar is a must read for all in this group though you
    may not
    read it 100 times like PS.
  • Dear all...

    Gokul, thanks for all that info. (Vijaya, the story came out in 'Idhayam

    Yes, it does revolve around the spritual aspects rather than the political
    aspects. Especially the bit about Aditha Karikalan's murder.

    (Did anybody see the First Anniversary card in the Files section?!)

    People, Gokul has compiled a great file about all the facts discussed in our
    group- It'll reach the Files section soon. [Gokul- maybe you could add the
    bits about Choodamani Viharam in your file ]
  • Dear Gokul
    That is definitely a very good effort...I did start doing something
    similar and collated the discussions and uploaded as a discussion
    folder but couldnt update because of time and proof reading PS
    good luck

    - In [email protected], "Pavithra Srinivasan"

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