Sivalingam - new theory?!!- Erotic sculptures in temples
  • Oru sevi vazhi seidhi.... about Pavithra's doubt.
    When I was visiting the sun temple at konark, the guide said
    (ofcourse, guides solra ellathayum eduthukka mudiyadhudhan) that when
    the temple was built in 1300s AD by Narasinga Deva of Ganga dynasty,
    there was a war going on. All the soldiers were too much into the war
    that they didnt think aboutprocreation when they visited home between
    wars. Now, they were all into 2 things at that time: bhakti and
    valour. So Narasingha decided to build a temple to sun god, showing
    ALL the things you have to do from morning to night (the 24 spoke
    chakra). He added a lot of erotic sculptures to lure them into the
    family business!
    And talking about Orissa, I remember the Lingraj temple in
    Bhubaneshwar. The linga there is swayambu, and is called
    hariharalinga, which is half hari and half vishnu. Too bad it was
    built after PS time, if not Alwarkadiyan would have "loved" this
    place. Anybody knows more about this place? (I was there for only a

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