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    from the site "http://www.ishafoundation.org"

    The Shiva lingam belongs to the class of "natural"
    Hindu symbols, which are usually mathematical in form.
    Such symbols are called "natural" because they not
    only represent a reality, but to some extent are the
    actual vehicles of the power within that reality. The
    lingam is an ellipsoid. It symbolizes Shiva-Shakti;
    that is, the primary polarity principle of positive
    and negative forces. On this principle of opposites
    the whole universe is founded.

    Why is an ellipsoid used to symbolize the polarity
    principle? The ultimate reality, the Absolute or
    Brahman or God, or whatever we care to term it, has no
    polarity, no pairs of opposites: all principles are
    balanced and harmonized within it. Therefore the
    ultimate reality is represented by the most perfect
    mathematical figure, the sphere.

    If the center or the one focal point of the sphere
    divided itself into two, we get the ellipsoid. So this
    figure gives a symbolic representation of the primary
    pair of opposites out of the original harmonious one.
    And from this first duality, comes all manifestation,
    all creation, all the multiplicity of things in the
    universe. The lingam is therefore the basic form lying
    at the root of all creation, as "Aum" is the basic

    In Hindu terms, from the one Bramha emerges
    Shiva-Shakti, the father and mother of all that is. In
    this connection, Shiva is not only an aspect of the
    Triune Godhead - the destruction-regeneration aspect -
    he is also the highest God, the father of all gods,
    the cosmic logos.

    Like all the gods of Hindu thought, Shiva has his
    consort, Shakti, or female aspect. And whereas the
    male or positive aspect represents consciousness, the
    female or negative aspect symbolizes power. Both are
    necessary for creation or manifestation in the planes
    of matter.

    It is significant too, that the ellipsoidal or lingam
    form, which symbolizes the Shiva-Shakti principle,
    plays a fundamental part in the structure and working
    of the universe. It lies, for instance, at the base of
    all matter within the atom, where electrons move in
    elliptical courses around the central nucleus. Again,
    at the solar level, we find the planets describing not
    circular, but elliptical orbits around the sun.

    The lingam is also considered the symbol of a phallus,
    yet another representation of the god Shiva's dual
    nature. Worshipped as the most vivid symbol of sexual
    energy, the lingam as a phallus symbol remains forever
    erect because it swells with potential creation which
    never sheds, but always retains his semen. Even before
    the full emergence of the Tantric movement which uses
    sexual imagery to represent the union of opposites,
    the lingam was depicted arising from the yoni, a
    symbol of the vulva or of female energy. The lingam
    and the yoni denote the union of male and female,
    heaven and earth, and are a powerful representation of
    creativity and the totality of existence.

    The lingam as a manifestation of the Shiva-Shakti
    principle is demonstrated in all the pairs of
    opposites, and nothing can exist in this phenomenal
    universe without its opposite or contrast. In fact,
    the concept of opposites is basic to our very thinking
    at this level of consciousness; we cannot know light
    without darkness, and so forth.

    The word lingam, in Sanskrit, simply means a symbol or
    emblem, which in itself suggests that it is a basic,
    primary symbol. In fact, representing in concrete form
    the fundamental principle and power of creation, it is
    considered the highest object of worship on the
    physical plane, and as it has a true mathematical
    relationship to the reality it symbolizes, it can
    bring the worshippers en rapport with that reality. In
    the Uttara Gita, Lord Krishna says that lingam is from
    the word lina which means to unite. This is because
    the lingam makes possible the union of the lower self
    with the higher self and with God - with Jivatma and

    Nevertheless, this sacred ellipsoid of stone or metal
    does have the occult property of creating a channel
    between man and the divine power on the inner plane it
    represents. Through such a channel, many blessings,
    benefits and auspicious conditions will flow to the
    worshippers. But the mystic link must be established
    by someone with the necessary understanding of the
    principles, and knowledge of the forms of the ritual
    required. It is essential for regular and specific
    poojas, or ritualistic worship, to be performed for
    such a sacred symbol.

    radhika & amudham

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