Lingam - a Very old theory
  • Dear All,
    The concept that shivalingam is a symbol of fertility
    is not a newone.

    i happened to read "Volga mudhal Gangai Varai" a Tamil
    translation of Hindi book written by "Rahul
    Sankrutyayan" which actually traces the Socalled aryan
    history of the movement from Central asia to The
    Gangetic Plains.

    Its a book which lends support to the theory of
    socialism and criticises our society which have been
    ruled by dynasties rather than democracies.

    The Book actually supports that the shivalingam is the
    symbol of fertility and the symbol of coitus between
    shiva and shakti.

    But , i visited a Place called "Dhyana Lingam" which
    is at the foothills of "velingiri hills" near
    coimbatore built by "isha dhyana maiyyam" of "guruji
    Jaggi Vasudev"

    There there is a big Lingam around which is built a
    big dome where one can sit and meditate. When asked as
    to why the lingam was chosen as an object to mediate i
    was told by the local swamiji there that the lingam is
    not a representation of any relgious deity.Rather it
    isa source of power.

    i was told that the shape of the lingam ensures that
    whatever power we give to the object by chanting the
    mantras, remains there for atleast 1000 years that too
    when the lingam is made of Granite stones.It was
    amazing and he told that the powers have been
    "aavaahanamned" in that lingam so that the power is
    enshrined in the lingam for a longer time. And that
    is why a lingam has been erected instead of any other

    With luv
    B. Dhiwakar
  • Hi,

    i am giving a link to the web site which gives various
    insights to Shiva Lingam


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