Sivalingam - new theory?!!
  • Since we are talking about sivalingam and there was another mail
    fewdays ago about the deities and photographing them, let me
    share what I learnt from my Chemistry lecturer at Anna
    university, Mr.Balasubramaniam.
    According to him, the deities, as we know, are covered with a
    special navapaashaanam, is actually a phonoreceptor material.
    Similar to photoreceptors which emit electrons when light is
    incident on them, these phonoreceptors emit electrons when sound
    is incident on them.
    It is a scientifically tested facted that when people are
    surrounded by more electrons, they tend to get excited and
    become happy and feel good. So when we pray with manthras and
    shlokams in temple, the deities shower electrons on us and hence
    people feel good. This is the reason the sanctum sanctorum
    (Karpa griham) has no other ventilation so as to focus the
    electron emissions through to the worshippers through the only
    entrance. Infact the veda-goshams (vedic chants) have special
    frequency characteristics which get the best effect.

    Certainly an interesting theory and seems logically ok. More
    reasons to visit temples! comments folks...

  • wow yagna, thats a cool theory (and sound one too ;)
    This 'electrons surrounding the body' is the basic
    concept of reiki and cosmic healing right?
  • Dear all...

    Yagna, that was an amazing explanation- I too have heard it- though, of
    course, I didn't grasp the whole meaning then. But it makes perfect sense. I
    suppose this is what they mean by 'saannidhyam'? Any more facts like this to

    About the sculptures part of it...isn't it Kalki's point of view that
    Arulmozhi sees them as devotional objects ? After all, aayirangaal
    mandapangal in many temples surely must have been sculpted for the sake of
    art...what do you think?

    Talking about fertility...why did they sculpt figurines like in Khajuraaho,
    anyway? In a temple, too. What's the reason?
  • Yes, in fact thats why the karpa griham is softly lit I would
    say. And the vedic chants have special effect. Infatc when more
    people join the prayers, more powerful is the effect due to
    unison. but my "Vathiyar" used to say nobody has analysed the
    navapashanam coating on the deities!

    I would say the ancient people were mature enough to accept
    kajuraho art forms. But they have not glorified fertility in
    every temple. But highlighted it in few places as one among many
    things. The devotional aspect had the top priority, I would say!


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