A beautiful photo....
  • Dear all...

    Since photos are the 'in' thing right now, here's what I found:

    This is a very different pose of Lord Shiva-found in Madurai. Here's the

    (Thanks to Dr. jaybee).
  • hello pavithra,

    I 've never seen Lord Shiva in this pose. My
    native is madurai and i have never seen this anywhere.
    Most of the time (if not all), u can find lord shiva
    in dancing pose ( Velli ambalam - equivalent of
    thillai ambalam). Can u let me know where i can find
    this statue?.
  • Dear all...

    Yes, its a beautiful and rare pose, isn't it? And its come out so well too.

    Supposedly, its found in the prahaaram of the Meenakshi Sundaresawarar Koil,
    in the NorthWest corner, near the Durgai sannithi. Its rather a difficult
    place to photograph, I gather.(Courtesy Dr. Jaybee).

    Love, Pavithra.

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