abathu uthavigal - ?
  • friends

    where r u all. have u joined apathu uthavigal of
    pandian kingdom and submissed ur activities. will
    kalki forgive us for such activities. where is
    lavanya, has she joined the pandian senai. she had
    been feeding us with details. pls. do not stop
    anywhere. remember if ps had been stopped in the
    middle, we would have never been guruji's fans. there
    where discussions on raja raja and nandhini. i was not
    participating but reading every bit. i have the
    impression we started on a wrong character, for which
    we need to thesis after thesis, but do not want to
    spoil the enthu. but now why, remember kalki will
    never forgive us. good to see two new friends. let's
    continue, if u all agree let's all have one commander
    in chief. as sundara chola wil say there can be only
    one guard and that's chinna pazhuvetroyar. so we will
    also have one leading our discussion. i favour ram or
    lavanya, who are always active. first we should start
    chanelising ourselves then enter into analysis and
    debates. purely my opinion and keep thinking. why not
    we all fix up a good timing for chatting amongst
    ourselves. next step move will become more better. we
    can all fix up the day and time (based on IST). think
    it over. my choice would be july 14th sunday any time,
    this will also give other members some time to make
    themselves free. if any other day inform.

    do not stop the flow (kalki in Ss)
  • sumeetha and others

    well sumeetha has started well, let's have it on
    saturday, the 29th of june at 1pm (IST). those who can
    join can initially try and spend ur time. the maxi can
    be def. be 1hr. we will try it out as a start and make
    adjustments whereever neccessary. as said by ram,
    people are in diff places, but sure they can atleast
    keep in touch with one other. poll is a wonderfull
    idea, but the outcome is still ????.. so, whoever
    joins on saturday will first intialize, then we can
    spread the wings. confirm before friday eve.

    fine to see the photos of pazh and ms. let's continue
    to explore on it. meanwhile, let other things also
    start. well the discussion has suddenly stopped. this
    week i saw a mail claiming the superiority of
    kundavai. but remember at one of the excellent
    instances, anirudhar will tel kundhavai, that females
    entering into these politics will only create problem.
    both nandini and kundavai has not given constructive
    updations. purely my opinion. let's discuss.


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