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  • Dear all...

    Welcome to Dhiwakar, Niranjan and other newbies:-)

    For people who don't know-
    Dr. Kannan is doing some magnificent work preserving ancient manuscripts and
    storing them in a digitized format. He's also contributing to preserving the
    Thamizh heritage through the Tamil Heritage Foundation (THF). He's one of
    the pillars supporting Project Madurai- the website that's going to provide
    PS on the Net. Welcome, sir. (He's pretty famous in Thamizh literary circles
    as Dr. 'Germany' Kannan:-)

    I found some old issues of Kalki which sported Maniam's pictures in it in a
    lending library- I shall try to scan them. Anybody else with access?

    As for the project- wow. Certainly sounds interesting (especially the
    'Ponniyin Selvan' trail). All of us felt the need for a good 'cleaning' of
    temples on the PS trip (I remember Lavanya talking about it). I for one
    support this idea. Since all of us are either studying/working full-time
    (and some of us are abroad), maybe we'll have to talk this out. Because this
    is a HUGE idea.

    Members...what do you think? Any suggestions, ideas...? Response needed,
  • Guys,
    I think this is certainly a very workable idea. Infact I was thinking we could start a Fundraising effort for this. Infact we do a lot of this kind of Fundraising and donations through our website http://www.sulekha.com. For example we can create a page like this http://www.sulekha.com/oservices/default.asp?cid=22017 for Tamil Heritage Foundation. Hey btw I am not trying to promote Sulekha or something here but Sulekha has the maximum NRI reach. But just a suggestion :)
    Guys let me know if it is worth a try.
  • Hi Sumeetha,

    This is a good idea. But, How the people those who r not having credit card can donate?? (ennai maathiri credit card vazhi kadan vaangatha panakkaranga iruppangalla ;-) )

    endrum anbudan

  • Dear Pavitra,

    I think i have a book of PS that contains Maniyams
    pictures at home. Since i am mailing from office i
    will recheck it at home and mail u back.

    Wld be really interested to participate int he

  • Friends,

    I have a small idea about preserving our temples. Some of us come
    from places like Konerirajapuram, Srimushnam and Kollidam etc.

    How about we bring our friends, families, near and dear ones together
    and start cleaning up the old temples near our own houses. And, if
    you have voice in the local community you could use them too. And if
    you are teachers, you could try to deploy the students.

    And you could try to spread word among the student community - be it
    school students or college students. If they are motivated by
    passionate speakers (esp. selfless ones), I am sure the students
    would be able to do so much.

    What do you think folks?

    With my 2 cents,
    Mathy (Santhiramathy)

    > Members...what do you think? Any suggestions, ideas...? Response
    > guys....
    > Regards,
    > Pavithra.
  • Hi All,

    Its a good idea..Members of this group can motivate
    the localites to do this sacred job of cleaning and
    maintaining the temples.

    Being a person from Srimushnam, I would like to tell u
    all that the temples in SRM are nowadays very well
    maintained and taken care.

    Recently they have done the acid cleaning and the
    temples are being cleaned regularly. The sculputres
    are preserved with good care.

    But as part of this maintenance and renovation some
    undigestable things had been done. ( side effects ???)
    Eventhough the thaayaar sannithi was good and not at
    all damaged, some wealthy localites, in the name of
    donation, had renovated it with marble flooring and
    tiled walls which makes the sannithi to lose its
    originality and its divine ( thats what I felt).

    Many people won't know about this place. The people
    who know also know only about the famous Bhuvaraha
    temple. There is a siva temple too exactly at the back
    of Varaha temple which doesn't get much attention from
    localites and as well from the outsiders. ( This may
    be the reason that I like this temple much compared to
    Bhuvaraha temple. Such a calm place which always makes
    me lost in its calmness.)

    Its a place worth visiting.
    If u need any help in visiting this place, you are
    most welcome.
  • Hi

    Its a very valid project and we can preserve our heritage.we have to learn from the Rajastan Govt to capitalise on their heritage by converting them into hotels and tourist spots.

    Unfortunately our heritage that is left behind is just temples...That has a bit of a hitch in the current mood of communalism....

    Temples traditionally dont allow non Hindus except the ones under ASI like periaya koil or world heritage sites.

    And the local govt controls it by Hindu aranilai Thurai so convincing them with such projects is going to be difficult.Especially when Money is involved it always has the tendency of ending up in the wrong hands.

    The Idea of using local help and communities and schools is very welcome idea and we can support them Monetoryly.

    I was very impressed by the Mamallapuram temples which charge 5$ or 250 Rs for overseas visitors and has been really restored to a very good condition.

    May be we should charge entry fee for overseas visitors to the likes of Big temple and Gangaikonda solapuram.

    The other difficulty in restoring temples is then maintaining it with revenue for the poojas and archakars that is the main reason many temples are neglected.

    It is a wonderful idea but it need more thought before making it public or taking it forward Sorry If I am being the Devils advocate.

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