Drawings of Maniam
  • Friends:

    Probably you are aware that there exist an international Internet
    based initiative to digitize Tamil Heritage materials at
    http://www.tamil-heritage.org .

    I attempted once to archive drawings of the great Tamil artist
    Maniam. A couple of his drwaings are available at

    Having seen a group of dedicated fans of Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan, I
    place before you a suggestion that why not we scan all the drawings
    of Maniam from old issues of Kalki that published Ponniyin Selvan.
    The authentic paintings of this great novel can be archived. Of
    course one of you should get a formal permission (written) from
    either Kalki or from Maniam Selvan the son of Mr.Maniam for this
    archiving (not to over rule copyright laws)

    I have seen several pictures in your photo gallery. But for a digital
    preservation project we need high resolution scans, at least 300 dpi
    (600 is recommended). Additionally, to archive the original drawing
    one needs to unpin the issue (unbound) and get a clear scan.

    Is it possible? If so, please write your suggestion in this forum
    with a CC: to [email protected]

    Thank you.

    N.Kannan, PhD
    Tamil Heritage Foundation
  • Hi

    Thats a very good idea.

    I spoke to kalki when I was in India and they said since the novel was in public domain they didnt have any rights over the book ,However they said the pictures were copyrighted by the artists .

    I tried to speak to Maniam Selvan(Dhanya kindly gave me the number which I have lost) But he wasnt there.I am happy to speak to him Dhanya can I have the number again.

    I have 4 volumes of PS with maniams art and one with Vinus. Ican scan and send them

    In fact I was speaking to Anbu ( PS Project Madurai )and we were discussing the possibility of including the pictures in the novel but the hitch is how do you prevent PIRATES from printing it nd selling to the public.

    My suggestion was to do them as PDF Or HTML with Project Madurai Public property as the background so even if someone printed it they cannot use it commercially.

    Any thoughts???

    Sorry Pavithra I havent read your travellogue completly Its been quite hectic.
  • Hi,

    Sridhar there is a possibility where we can make the
    print option in PDF to be disabled. I have seen for
    some IT books where soft copy/online versions in PDF
    format exists without the print option. By this way
    we can prevent the people even taking print outs.


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