A new project to contemplate with new friends
  • Dear Friends:

    Ms.Santhiramathi from Hawai introduced Ms.Pavithra to e-suvadi and in turn she introduced several of her 'Ponniyin Selvan' friends to our forum. As a result, Project Madurai has some new volunteers who could proof read Kalki's 'Ponniyin Selvan' !!

    They all showed equal interest when I wrote about Child to Child project of Tamil Information Centre, London. Mr.Iyer, an ever imaginative Literary critic and publisher from London has gone full swing in enlarging this concept with TIC, London. As my contribution, I suggested to those children that a Heritage Tour can be organized by Friends of E-suvadi in Tamilnadu. Prof.Swaminathan of Sudharsanam in Pudukootai has offered his help in helping these children tour historical places in Pudukottai district. Mr.Krishnan from Singapore offered his help in organizing similar tour in Malaysia (Malaysia holds more than 900 Tamil schools!).

    Along these lines, I place another project to contemplate. That is 'Sponsor a Temple' project. The details come in my next mail. Mean while you may like to read an article in Tamil in my homepage http://www.angelfire.com/ak/nkannan/ambalam.html (you need to install TSCII1.7 fonts in your system to read this page). Alternatively I placed a PDF file of the same article at 'Files' section of E-suvadi and Ponniyin Selvan egroups. You need no font to install to read this file!

    Please get ready for my next mail.


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