Numbers in Ponniyin Selvan
  • Vanakkam'ungo!

    Okay folks, here it is! I have formulated a numbers crossword(!!??) based on some random numbers from ponniyin selvan. These numbers might have historical significance, simple facts or nothing at all. Just testing your memory mostly as it should be pretty simple for many of you, die-hard PS fans.
    I have uploaded the word document in the files section.If you want me to post a tamil version or for any comments, feel free to email me.
    I hope you all find it interesting!
    PS: At last you have something to think and write about PS!

    "Thejasvina vadhitha-m-asthu" - May what we study be well studied : Yajur veda
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  • Yagna,
    Unga number quiz answer pannirukken.. Correctannu konjam sollunga.
    Looking forward for more such quiz!

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