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  • Hi --

    I am so excited to have found this group. I just joined today and
    read through almost all the mails. Excellent initiative and drive. My
    god. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this group. The last
    couple of weeks I have been doing some search on PS on the net. And
    it was only today that I found the group.

    Wish I had seen the stage performance of PS. I wasn't aware of it.
    But as Vatson, says, when we read a book, we have our own
    picturisations of the characters within us and am not sure, if there
    would be enuff justice of the same on the screen or stage. Anyways, I
    had first read Parthiban Kanavu (PK) when I was in school and read
    read PS and I bought the copies as soon as I could and am right now
    reading the 4th Part. I like historical works by themselves and
    anything to do with my home country and home area is more wonderful
    to read. Its an amazing work by Kalki. Infact, I dont know, if I can
    do justice by saying a few adjectives to the work. Right from my
    childhood, I have heard my parents mentioning the characters of
    Anirudha Brahmarayar, Vandhiya Theavan, Azhvarkadiyan Nambi
    Thirumalai, Kundhavi, Nandhini, Sivagami, Mahendra Pallavar, Mammalar
    and the like. Both my parents were ardent Kalki fans and they have
    inspired me to a great extent to read Kalki's works.

    What I find a little disappointing was when I finished SS a year back
    and wanted to discuss about it, I couldnt with anyone other than my
    parents as none in my friends circle and my seniors or juniors have
    read it and when I was searching for a copy of PS (as I was in US
    then) they were just trying to joke around saying that I am gone
    nuts. But I just pity them for missing something great. But leaving
    all that aside, my thirst for discussing SS was there. For am unable
    to do it other than with my parents. And now, when I am reading PS,
    its gone to such an extent that the last couple of weeks everytime I
    am free for a few mins between my work,
    I do a search on PS and kalki :-) and am here now.

    Lavanya has done a great job on giving an update on Raja Raja Cholan.
    Thanks a lot Lavanya. And as Vatson said, y not have a topic for
    discussion and decide on the topic a month or two earlier, so that we
    will have enuff time to prepare and can come with some good
    discussions. I also read on Sun TV trying to come up with a serial. I
    am very apprehensive of how its going to turn out. Actually after
    reading SS, I re-read PK again. And one day, when I was browsing a
    VHS section in an Indian Store I found a vedio cassette on Parthiban
    Kanavu. Guys, if you get a chance you should see it. Its a decent
    make of the movie. Atleast, to an extent, the characters havent
    spoilt the flavour of what you would have imagined on reading the
    novel. And Kumari Kamala comes as Sivagami Ammaiyar and man, the
    dance she does at Vatapi is excellent.

    My fav characters so far in all these works in the order I like them
    are Vandhiya Thevan, Sivagami and Mahendra Pallavar. My god, what a
    lot of disguises and nothing goes without his notice. What a ruler
    and what a father man. Awesome guy.

    Thats it for now.
    Looking forward to read more and thanks for the initiators and
    contributors again.

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