The Princess - and the pauper (VDevan:-)
  • Dear all...

    The majority favours VD, it seems. I like the guy too- how can you help it,
    as Kalki has portrayed him?:-)

    They like Poonghuzhali too- for her independent spirit, her bubbly self, her
    obvious courage...

    My vote is for the Chozha Princess Kundavai, though. She is incomparable.
    She is intelligent, she has courage and strength enough to take th reigns of
    the kingdom when needed, she is trustworthy enough for others to decide that
    her opinion is necessary, instead of reclining in a bed (as befits her
    position of a princess) and ordering everyone about, she really *does*
    things. She uses her wealth for worthwhile objects, she uses her position
    and strength for valid reasons.
  • Hi,

    Even though my vote is for VD, i still feel, one
    cannot but feel sorry for Nandhini. Even though she
    has assasinatedthe crown prince and ploted against the
    cholas, when one looks at her charachter, we find that
    she has been neglected and rejected by everyone.
    circumstances and people around her made her what she
    was. unlike her mother, mandakini, she cldn't accept
    what fate had handedover to her and tried to fight it.

    in fact Kundavai herself feels that she was also
    responsible for driving Nandhini to the extent she

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