Aayanar and Ajantha
  • Dear all...

    I asked Mr. Swaminathan about the Sithannavaasal paintings...here's my

    "...I visited your site www.pudukottai.org- extremely interesting, and
    contains a lot of details about Sithannavaasal- one of my favourite
    historical sites. I have a doubt- in Sivagaamiyin Sabhadham, Kalki mentions
    that 'Aayanar' the sculptor paints in Sithannavaasal, has a bet with a
    Samana munivar and loses- therefore, the painting of the apsara is bright
    and clean in one half, and faded in the other. Is there any foundation for

    Here's his answer in detail:

    You have mentioned about what Kalki has written regarding the paintings of
    Sittannavasal. Kalki was writing a novel and not history. He has basically
    used some of the historical characters and settings and weaved a story
    around them. He has taken liberties to which he is entitled to. But in
    Tamilnadu, people start believing the incidences found in a novel true, just
    because kalki wrote it. In my opinion Kalki has not done any serious
    research on the paintings of Ajanta and Sittannavasal. Thus there is no
    foundation whatsoever to the the apasara being bright and clean in one half
    and faded in the other. Though I have read the novel, that was long ago,
    Idon't remember the passage and hence cannot comment any further. In fact,
    if you come to Sittannavasal you can only see the place where the painting
    of apsara once was. It is all gone. It might have been so even when Kalki
    visited the place.

    We must be thankful to Kalki creating an interest in places like

    By the way why don't you come over here - to Pudukkottai, it is called an
    archaeological paradise - for a day or two. We can show you around and you
    can also see what we are doing here. You are welcome to come with your

    What do you say, people?
  • i am game for this. Don't wanna miss it like I missed the trip :)
  • I dont know whether being in US at this time could be
    termed as "unlucky" for kalki fans. Its sad that i
    might miss the second trip also. I saw the plans being
    made for 1st trip from scratch... getting into final
    form, happenings and then post trip analysis. People
    start talking about second trip now...Good luck

    And Pavithra, it is unfair to call V.Devan as
  • Dear all...

    Mani, don't worry- nothing's on for a second trip yet. I was merely talking
    about the *possibility* of going. It's not in the immediate future, though.

    We could plan something when you USians come back:-)

    And I was talking about VD in the 'material' sense- he didn't have much in
    the beginning of the story:-)

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