MYPs, konjam padingalane, please ( Child-to-child a project to admire!)
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    Tamil Information Center in London invited me to
    deliver a talk in a
    Children's programme called 'child to Child on Feb.22,
    2003. Children
    of Sri Lankan origin inform themselves over the status
    of their
    brethren in Tamilnadu (in asylum camps) and Sri Lanka
    and device ways
    to help them.

    I suppose the only qualification that I have as a
    scientist to
    participate in a Child to Child program is that a
    scientist is
    defined as a "child like adult" :-))

    Well, I was given the task of infusing pride among the
    youngsters to
    be a Tamil. In short I was asked to be a cultural
    activist (which I
    slowly become :-) So I addressed my talk with the
    question "what is
    to be a Tamil in a multi-ethnic, mono-lingual set-up
    London)?". The talk was mostly in English.

    When Mr.Varadakumar explained my background to the
    children who
    ranged from age 8 to 18 they generously allotted one
    hour to me. I
    made it an interactive seminar with full participation
    of the

    I placed 4 photos of the programme at

    Of course, you need to register your name with yahoo
    to get into
    these pages but that is really simple.

    To my surprise I could keep the attention of children
    irrespective of
    their age focused on to my talk till the end of the
    show. The
    children of Sri Lankan parents are very attentive,
    participatory and intelligent. They told me at the
    end that my talk
    was quite beneficial and they learnt something about
    their heritage.
    I used photos of heritage materials that I collected
    during my last
    trip to Tamilnadu. It is possible that seemingly
    complex information
    about our past could be comprehended by children. No
    Wordsworth said "child is the father of man".

    I would very much like these children to visit places
    like the ones
    described by Pavithra Srinivasan in her travelogue. Is
    it possible
    that to have a group of volunteers in Tamilnadu who
    could go with
    these children to these places and explain the history
    significance of the artifact? We need excellent travel
    managers who
    could organize a safe and informative tour for this
    children. The
    motive of the group involved in this project from
    Tamilnadu should
    not be commercial but academic. If you know somebody
    who could help
    us, I shall propose a Cultural-Heritage Tour programme
    to Tamil
    Information Center in London (keeping in mind a larger
    of Tamil children from other lands). There is nothing
    like seeing our
    heritage alive. THF should never be a docile place of
    browsing the
    artifacts instead we should make our heritage vibrant
    and alive. Such
    programmes help.

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