ur clarifications
  • Hi
    i had already mailed u that what kalki has written
    need not necessarily be history completely. n i will
    try n produce the exact woirdings of the kalvetu
    sometime later.
    also, please note that after he came to power, he
    has done a lot of good things n earned his name... but
    the fact is he had been part of the conspiracy. n
    pleae remember that there is no kalvettu to prove that
    senthan amudhan existed... the chola kalvettugal are
    so exhaustive at ;least as far as the ruling king is
    concerned. so if such a thing was there it would have
    been brought out in a kalvetu i guess..
    will try n substantiate if i get more info...
    In the meanwhile please tell me if u r convinced..or
    not convinced..

  • I also think sendhan amudhan is a fictious character. One has to check the works done by vikraman too... Don't mistake me i am not a fan of vikraman's work... but there has been some research done by him and based on conversation with people who are still at it, it appears that sendhan amudhan is a fictious character and it is possible that kalki started with the story and had to change the course based on some later evidence...

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