On sudarshanam project
  • Dear Mr.Swaminathan,
    Really sorry for letting you think that we might have missed your
    mail. We
    saw your mail - but we are taking our sweet little time to react.

    I went through the website again - in particular through sittanavasal
    information. Overall it has come out very well, and the rare info you
    provided is a great meal to anyone interested in south indian culture
    heritage. I'll go through Moovar koil and other places and get back
    to you.

    The project you have embarked upon is most interesting - the proposed
    activities will certainly create great enthusiasm among the young who
    interested in this subject. We all will keep mailing you upon this,
    and again - with our suggestions and participate in its activities
    there is an opportunity.

    I have a question reg Sittanavasal paintings :

    Traditionally these paintings were believed to be the handwork of
    Mahendravarma Pallava (chitrakara puli) - but now, I think opinions
    changing. You have rightly pointed out the inscription about Ilam
    who belonged to Pandya king - but you have not conclusively stated
    that all
    paintings have been done by him.
    In his book "Thamizhar Naagarigamum Panpadum" (Poompuhar pathipagam
    If I
    remember) Dr.Dakshinamoorty cliams that all paintings were done by
    above mentioned person - what do you think? Do you think it is a
    decision or needs further research?

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