Puriyaatha Puthir!!!
  • Dear all...

    Ms. Malini...that was very interesting. I came to the same conclusion
    too.:-) Its great, isn't it, to be able to know so much history from one
    novel, PS?

    One more question for us to crack our heads over...I was going through
    Madhan's 'Vandhaargal Vendraargal' for the umpteenth time.

    Now here's something interesting: Ghazini Muhammed ransacked India 17 times-
    that we know. he came right down to Somnathpur- we know that too. Now,
    apparently during those years(1000-1025), who was reigning down south? Raja
    raja and Rajendra, the heroes of Thamizh history. Rajendra had even won the
    title 'Gangaiyum Kadaaramum kondaan', with all his conquests towards the
    north. Judging by the timing, each must surely have known what the other was
    doing.(I refuse to believe that Rajendra's or Ghazini's spy system was all
    that faulty). Why, then, didn't they intercept each other? Why didn't Raja
    raja or Rajendra try to stop Hindu temples from being ransacked, when they
    could march armies into the sea?

    Quite a mystery.

    What does everyone think?

  • Pavithra,

    That's an interesting question which brings to mind another question
    that I'd been wanting to ask this group. I recently got L. P. Sharma's
    History of India series (ancient, medieval and modern) and looked in the
    section that talks about Ghazini's invasions. The general opinion
    seems to be that Hindus had gone to the mindset of being satisfied with
    everything they had - military- and otherwise and were generally weak in
    defending themselves. This made it easier (per the author) for invaders
    like Ghazini to penetrate deep into India and plunder her wealth.
    Nothing is mentioned about the South in this context.

    Which brings me to my question:

    Which is not related to Ponniyin Selvan but about South Indian history,
    or rather the lack of it in the text books. When I was in high school
    in the late 70s, (that makes me sound really old :-() I remember
    studying all about the Mauryas, Guptas, the Moghuls but can barely
    remember anything about the regional history. Is this how it is now?
    The text books I got to imbibe some Indian history to my kids has 3
    volumes but 1 chapter on South Indian history - cholas and pandiyas,
    cheras are barely even mentioned. If you 20-somethings don't mind,
    would you please email me if you got anything of S.I. history from the
    text books? If so, could you tell me the authors to buy? I would really
    appreciate any answers.

    Ram, I took the liberty of asking this question here even though it's
    not related to Ponniyin Selvan - hope you don't mind - thought this
    would be a great forum to ask and would love to hear everyone's opinions
    'off-the-air' (email me at [email protected]).

    Thanks again, I am learning so much from this group.

  • Dear All,

    On the issue of choodamani viharam, it may be true
    that Arulmozi rebuit the structre once again since it
    was washed out by the floods that is mentioned inth e
    3rd part of PS.

    As regards to Cholas not stoping the invasions of
    Gazini the follwoing article was on the net.

    Towards this end the Muslim invaders undertook the
    desecration of places of worship, destruction of
    universities like Nalanda, the wholesale slaughter of
    the monks and priests to wipe out the intellectual
    bedrock of the people they overran. Such tyrannical
    polices which the Muslim rulers folllowed since their
    rule was established in 1194 C.E. they left a trail of
    bitterness in the regions which passed under their
    domination. Hindu tradition survived only in remote
    corners of the country like in Orissa, Assam and parts
    of South India

    Further i also remebering reading somewhere that Sun
    temple at Konark was built to commemorate the victory
    of ruler of Oriss over Gazini. which will be roughly
    around 1015
  • Hi all,

    I spoke with Mr. Vishwaksenan yesterday. I asked him about the Gazni
  • Hi poonguzhali and all

    Thanks for ur valuble information poonguzhali. This
    was a real "puriyadha pudir" for many i hope !!!. The
    chzoha empire gradually started loosing its military
    might after this period it seems. But what about
    others ???

    Who was the most powerfull king during that period
    here? (if not chozhas ).!!!!.

  • Dear all...

    >I spoke with Mr. Vishwaksenan yesterday. I asked him about the Gazni
  • Just wondering...*have* Thamizh kings recorded anything about muslim

  • Well you got me hooked on this - this is what Stanley Wolpert says in "A
    new History of India": (page 112)

    "Under Rajaraja's son Rajendra I (r. 1016-44), Chola armies even marched
    north of the Tungabhadra to wreck havoc upon the western Chalukyas of
    Kalyani. The Chola navy was by this time the mightiest in the Indian
    Ocean; not only did it conquer the Maldives, but in 1025 it defeated the
    fleet of Sri Vijaya, the great maritime empire of Southeast Asia that
    spanned Malaysia and modern Indonesia"

    That year was the final attack of Ghazni and our hero was busy fighting
    his own battles. The other interesting fact this book mentions is,
    again quoting,

    "in 1025, for example, the Hindu inhabitants of Somnath were reported to
    have stood calmly watching the advance of Mahmud's fierce army toward
    their temple city's walls, confident that Shiva, whose "miraculous" iron
    lingam hung suspended with a magnetic field inside Somnath's
    "womb-house", would surely protect his worshippers from harm. "

    (Were any of the temples in S India affected or did he stop at Somnath?)

    Pretty sad, isn't it?

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about S I history.

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