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  • Dear all...

    Iyappan...that was a truly great poem- especially the last two lines. Bravo!
    It brought out Poonghuzhali's anguish very well ( I especially liked the
    background you chose:-). Any more to share? (What about VandhiyathEvan?:-)

    Krupa...you must be telephathic. (That was a great article you sent, BTW). I
    was thinking about the Choodamani Viharam this morning, and referred the 3rd
    paagam of PS- where Kalki mentions this same Maravijayottungavarman- and as
    far as I know, he mentions no dates. (There's another reference in the
    foreword to 'Kadal Pura'- Chandilyan's work).

    So when was it really built? Did Kalki make a slip there, when he brought in
    Choodamani Viharam before it must've been built?! Gokul, what do you say?

    A puzzled,
  • Dear Kuzu Members,

    It so happened that i read the following article a
    couple of days back i one of the sites

    There are many Items & Buildings of historical and
    archaeological value today remains in the hands of
    private individuals or remains neglected not having
    received the attention of the TamilNadu Archaelogical
    Department on its preservation.

    If we take few examples, the famous Leyden Copper
    Plates speaking of the grants made by the great Chola
    king Rajaraja Chola - 1 remains in the Leyden museum
    in Holland. The Tamil Nadu Archaelogical Department
    with the help of the Government should arrange to
    bring back these Copper Plates to TamilNadu and
    preserve them in its Historical Museum in Chennai.

    These Copper Plate Grants are in two sections. The
    Larger Section gives the details of the two Malaysian
    Kings namely the Chudamanivarmadeva and
    Maravijayotungavarmadeva {kings of then Buddhist
    Empires of Malaysia} who were granted permission by
    Rajaraja Chola -1 to build a Buddhist Temple at
    Anaimangalam in Nagapattinam known as Chudamani
    Viharam and thereafter grant of land for this purpose,
    which indicates to us today of the friendly relations
    Rajaraja Chola had with the Malaysian kings of around

    The Smaller Section of this Leyden Plates gives the
    confirmation of these grants to the Buddist Temple
    built by the Malaysian kings at a later stage by
    Kullotunga Chola-1.

    It looks as if kalki has indeed brough in Chudamani
    viharam in PS even before it was built
  • Hi,
    Hmm.... naama inga membera irunthuttu onnum ezutharathu illai.
    atleast ithaiyavathu ezuthinaal enna enRu thaan indha kavithaiyai
    thodanginEn.. vElaikkE neraiyya time porathala intha pakkam adhigam
    time spend panna mudiyalai. ( ponniyin selvan posting padikkarathOda
    sari... reply panna nEram kidaikka villai enbathu orupakkam enna
    reply panRathu appadinnu kuzappam marupakkam ) neenga ellarum
    aarayndhu ezuthum sariththira nunukkam enakku suttu pottalum varathu.
    adhE pola adhai oru arputha kaaviyama mundhaiya varalaarai sollum oru
    azagiya novella thaan enakku therinjathu. ingu vandhapparam thaan
    adhaiyum thaandi punithamaanadhunnu therinjikkittEn.vandhiyathevan
    paRRi ezuthalam.. try panRen. adhu sari... vEra yaravathu namma kooda
    sErndha Ponniyinselvan kavithai thoguppai uruvakkalamE ...

    anbudan iyappan

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