The statue of Raja Raja Chozhan
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    To set the original facts straight Rajaraja did not wish to have his statue inside the main shrine.there is a statue or rajaraja worshipping the Lord facing north and west in the main KODIKAMBAM near the Nandhi.

    There is also a bronze statue of the King worshiping the Urchavamooorthi and amman (Siva and parvathi) on the left side corridor in the main praharam.It is corridor as we go into the main temple on one end is Siva parvathi and other end is the King.

    As for the Statue Yes the statuen built by the TN govt is standing outside the Temple largly because it was made recently and does not fit into the temple complex which was built over 4 centuries.

    Yes the main Siva parvathi temples were built by Rajaraja

    The Vinayakar temple by The Marathas

    The Murugan Temple by the Nayakars of Madurai

    Moreover the Big Temple is no longer under the cente or state it is a WORLD HERITAGE site that is why anybody can go to sanctum of the temple unlike madurai which says only HIDUS are allowed.

    I am not denying the fact the centre has always denied the south its rightful place in INDIAN and WORLD history......Its the same as the WEST denying us a place in the WORLD history.

    Thanks to our tamil freinds from Srilanka and Malyasia the west knows os a Superrace called Tamilians..

    And now we are entering the cyberworld to put Tamil to his glory.

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