What happened last evening...
  • Dear all...

    Yesterday (monday, 17th Feb), we met again at the Gandhi Silai,
    Marina Beach. (Kamal, Radhika, her sister, Mr. Seetharam Sharma, Mr.
    Srinivasan, Krups, Anuradha, Mrs. Malathi and myself).

    It was very lively:-) we looked at the photos of Radhika and
    Krupashankar (we'd missed their photos last week), and got into
    discussion of our favourite topic-what else? ponniyinselvan.
    Radhika's sis told us the story of 'Mannan Magal'- a novel by
    Chandilyan, in which he draws up a story set in Rajendra's time.
    Kamal collected the money donated by members for the benefit of the
    Thanjai Farmers.

    A good deal of banter went on after that, about the various
    characters of PS, how they appeared in works other than PS...all too
    soon, it was dark and time to leave. At 7.20 PM, we'd dispersed.

    A short meet- but sweet.

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