Thanjai Periya Kovil
  • Hi,
    Vanackam. I joined this group just today and delighted to see
    Ponniyin Selvan living in so many hearts. I'd like to share my view about
    Thanjai Periya Kovil.
    My native place is in old Thanjavur district (b4 it was split into
    3), and Cauvery and Thanjavur Periya Kovil are the two things that make
    me say with proud that I'm a Thanjavur karan. Have you seen Periya Kovil in
    a full moon day? There are no words to explain it. Whenever I go to Periya
    Kovil I'll always think about the direction of Sarappallam. The main
    difference between Periya Kovil and many other temples is: here we know the
    history (varalaaru- who built it, when, etc.) of the temple, but in other
    places we know the sthala puraanam of the temple. However, once you see the
    swami, you'll forget Rajaraja, you'll forget the architectural marvel, etc.;
    the only thing in your mind will be Bhakthi.
    If visiting Periya Kovil is going to bring ill luck, I don't mind
    getting troubles for visiting 'My' temple.


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