Periya Koil
  • Dear all...

    An excellent piece, Ram:-)...

    Perhaps your idea of bhakthi is different from mine- I too have felt the
    same things you describe. I may not have had the fortune to spend 4 years
    there- but I have had my own experiences. In fact, when Sathya and I walked
    through the corridors in the Periya Koil, I lagged behind...feeling the
    stone pillars lining the corridors.

    I always do that, in most temples- my theory is rather-different. I've
    always felt that you 'feel' the atmosphere of that place through your mind-
    and touching the stones and inscriptions helps you to do it. (Looong ago, I
    wrote a story in which the hero time-travels into 10th century Chola period
    by touching the inscriptions in the Periya Koil:-))

    Doing this, I've held the same conversations you held, thought about and
    felt very much the same things you've described- I have a weird fantasy that
    if your mind is powerful enough, you *can* be transported into the past.

    In fact, all through the trip my mind kept going back to the 10th century
    AD....especially in the Periya Koil, where I felt Raja raja's presence most
    of all. (I feel it even now-though I'm sitting in an airconditioned office,
    tapping on my keyboard).

    Perhaps that's what I'm trying to say, I felt the weight of so many Chozha
    kings, their personalities, their pride, their magnificence, their humility,
    the heights they rose to fill me with a pride, happiness that I cannot even
    begin to describe.

    As I touched those cool stone pillars and raised my eyes to the sculptures,
    I admit I felt divinity- but I must confess that it was overshadowed by Raja
    raja Chozhan's spirit.:-))


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