hi friends!!
  • hi friends,

    This is not Seetharam Sharma but his daughter..call me Vatsala.
    I am a follower of all ur group mails and certainly not my dad..i
    check his mails and let him know at the end of the day what u ppl
    have been discussing.

    to be frank i've not read PS fully..but i do know the story thru'
    my dad.. and this gp has really made me to think y can't i read
    that fully now..
    and please all of u...stop this fight over english and tamil..
    i think of a better way!! if anyone can create a webpage for us PS
    fans (ofcourse including me ;- ))and install tamil font in that
    and we as the subscribers with passwds...???(no yahoogroups
    anymore, it's an english site ofcourse)
    can anyone develop on this? if this idea is already been
    proposed..good and fine..

    nice to read all ur mails and discussions..

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