Who is the hero??
  • Dear all...

    Maybe that's just what Kalki wanted- to have VD as the hero, because he
    corresponds very well as to what a hero must be- brave, resourceful, funny,
    romantic(?!), sometimes idiotic- in short, a perfect blend. And his life is
    not too well recorded either.

    AV, on the other hand, is a great historical character- someone whose life
    is too well documented to be fooled with. If someone argues that AV did
    such-and-such a thing in a certain year, there'll be too many arguments.
    VD's life on the other hand, isn't too complicated.:-)

    And there's the fact that VD married the great, unattainable princess
    Kundhavai:-) Talk about a rags-to-riches story!

    >(adichukittaalum PS-ai paththi adichchuppOm)

    Why must we??? This is a calm, peaceful group, full of great people who
    don't indulge in 'adichufying':-)))))


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