Thanjavore Periya Koyil
  • Dear all,

    The other day I was discussing with my collegue(who is
    also a member of our egroup) abt the trip, current
    happenings etc..somehow we ended up with the
    conversation regarding Thanjavore Periya koyil. He
    said that the temple is incomplete in its structure (
    i too heard abt it from my father but not sure what is
    incomplete ) and the temple is not normal like others.
    Its incomplete in the sense something is missing or
    something is not done/performed properly(i dont know
    it might be something related to "vasthu"). Also,
    people who visited Periya Koyil had some or the other
    problems..from my father's words MGR after visiting
    Thanjavore temple was attacked by M.R. Radha. By
    healthwise he had lots of problem after that.

    Does anyone know or heard abt this? Looking for more
    info in this regard.

  • Dear all...

    Strange...I've had that feeling myself. I don't know about any problems
    concerning the Thanjai Koil- but I've always had the weird feeling that it
    isn't a temple at all- but a rather large exhibition hall, filled with
    wonderful sculptures and art work. The...'divine' feeling that you get when
    you're visiting other temples is missing. The temple inspires you with awe,
    pride, happiness- but there's still something missing.

    Knowing the care and pride Raja raja took with his work, I don't know if it
    is something to do with Vaasthu, though.

    I've often heard that the atmosphere of a place is set by the people who
    built/spent time/contributed to its development. I wonder if the thoughts
    uppermost in Raja raja were to make people simply dumbstruck with amazement
    at his feat, rather than bhakthi. If so, he may have passed on'feelings' to his people.

    Those are just my opinions, though.
  • I came across this article from a forum site:
    It says about Rajaraja's attitude against "traditional" practices;
    and that's why the temple has not been constructed according to
    vaasthu. It says: The Raja gopuram must be at the entrance but the
    Raja gopuram is at the top of the main santham.
    What do they mean by "entrance"? It also says: The outer and the two
    front entrances are not because they were built be other king at
    different time. If the gopurams were not constructed at that time,
    then how does it defy the laws of vaastu?
    I am confused :(

    Some excerpts from the article:
    Chola's expanding territory went to Malaysia (Kedaram now known as
    Kedah), Singapore (port of call), Bali, Buhman (Indonesian) and other
    part of Indo-Asia). Raja raja has learnt that the trade port
    generated more money than farmland. So he expanded his kingdom
    towards ports. The North Indian invasion (the Ganga plains) was not
    as profitable as the far eastern.

    With all the revenue, he and his sister decide to built the temple as
    a victory symbol and wanted it to be Outstanding (great height);
    Untouchable (vimana shadow not falling on ground); Durable (built
    with granite), demonstration of power and strength (Big war elephants
    (1.5 the size of normal elephant), use of heavy single piece
    granite), Knowledge (the stone inscriptions on both construction and
    maintenance). Raja raja was against traditional practices in India,
    his daughter was married to a Telugu King in North near Hampi; the
    temple was constructed against Vasu sasthira. The Raja gopuram must
    be at the entrance but the Raja gopuram is at the top of the main

    The closing or locking stone the Vimana is from the cow-girl village
    5 km away it weights 80 tonnes. A ramp was used as the large Egyptian
    population is found in Tanjore district at that time. They were
    there, 500 years before Raja Raja time.

    The temple was first worshipped before it was constructed near a
    well. The Linga was built first the temple was built later than the
    walls and the entrance.

    The temple granite was first class black granite. The outer and the
    two front entrances are not because they were built be other king at
    different time. It took 7 years to built the Temple. The Maha
    Kumbabhishekam was held, Raja's daughter danced for her arangetram
  • Hi

    A few points

    The concept of rajagopuram is not commonly found in chola temples...

    The entrance is rajgopuram as seen in Madurai ,kanchipuram and srirangam

    The sanctum where the god resides is the Vimanam.

    If you see the chola temples Thanjavur,goangaikonda cholapuram all have the same type in that the main vimana will be taller than the rajagopuram.

    as for the reputation of being a temple with ill fate there is an element of truth to the extent the politicians even dread to be associated with the temple festivals and those who read Vikatan and kumudam will remember how much furore was reated when AMMAs picture was placed in the Sadhay thiruvila recently.

    MGR was shot,indira gandhi was assacinated to name a few......

    whether it was built by Vasthu or not it was built with a sound engineering knowledge that is why it is still standing after 1000 years.

    Did yu guys read my mail abour Raja Raja s statue in the temple any comments Did yu see that in yur mudhal yathirai if not I ll take some pics and upload as i am going to TNJ soon.


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