some contradictions
  • hi everybody,

    Though I don't clearly know the reasons, i have more affinity towards sivakami-in sabatham. But i also love PS , Parthiban Kanavu and Vengain Mainthan(Akilan).

    I have a small doubt. I liked the character of vandhiya devan very much bcos he is a dynamic person to whom many females are attracted. But what made him great was that he never fell for anybody except ofcourse, Kundavai. That was great. But, in Vegai-in Mainthan, there will be a dialogue in which Illango will say to vandhiya devan,"Mama, i don't know how u managed with 2 wives". so, was vandhiya devan married only to kundavai or was there any other person in his life?

    Also, i would like to know more abt the places specified in PS and the historical facts. Like the kalvettu in the Thanjavur temple. Have any one of u visited it? Bye for now


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