happy independence day
  • Dear,
    I wish all of you a happy independence day. There is real development all over India No body can deny it. You please imagine town or city you are residing or resided thirty years back. Now compare the position. You may realize the development. You may also see the uneven development in many places. There are huts inside four or five people are living without adequate food and at the same time very big bungalows where in doges are sleeping in air conditioned place. It is high time for Government to take adequate measures to regulate the development so that all should get all with due recognization of the individual personnel efforts. ஐயா சĬ9;தந்திர தாகம3021; தணிந்து விĩ5;்டது. இப்பொழுது பசி எடுக21;கிறது. எல்லோருக்கும் எல21;லாம் கிடைக்குமாறு பாரதĪ0;்தாயை வேண்ட3009;வோம்.
    always yours
    Dr L Laxman Kailasam
    Author Muthusippi

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