[Tamil_Heritage_School] Heritage of the Cholas - videos on Youtube
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    From: "R Gopu"
    Date: Aug 8, 2013 8:39 AM
    Subject: [Tamil_Heritage_School] Heritage of the Cholas - videos on Youtube
    To: "Athyantha Kaama"


    Shri Gurumurthy, who came to the Mukkudai yathirai, the Pudukottai site
    seminar of the Tamil Heritage trust, organized a seminar on the Great
    Heritage of the Cholas in Coimbatore last June. Dr Nagaswami was keynote
    speaker. On Prof Swaminathan's recommendation, I gave the introductory
    lecture, an overview of Chola history. The speeches by others - Nagaswami,
    Swaminathan, Kudavayil Balasubramanian, Sivaramkrishnan, Umapathy Acharya,
    Chitra Madhavan, Rajendran, PS Sriraman, Arvind Venkatraman are on the
    right hand side panel of this video's youtube page.

  • Not able to find our Arvind's session on chola Bronzes ? can you help to

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