Udayar Kovil - Papanasam Taluk, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu
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    Dear Sri. Rajendran

    We are endeavoring to renovate a 10th century temple in Udayar Kovil, a village in Papanasam Taluk, 
    Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu. A website has been created in the name http://www.udayarkovil.org 
    which I request to flash to your friends across the globe for their understanding and participation in 
    the great task.

    G. Viswanathan
    No 16, Ayodhya Street, M.M.T.C. Colony,
    Nanganallur, Chennai - 600 061
    Mobile: +91 98417 27816
    Landline: +91 44 2224 5129
  • Yikes! I think I last saw those colours in my three-year-old niece's toy

    And there seems to have been an eater of stucco works let loose in the

    Nothing tenth-century about it anymore; it's just a 21st century thing with
    10th century stones maybe still existing somewhere...


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