Rama felling trees
  • Vanakkam,

    Recently I had a chance to visit Nendugunam Yoga Ramar temple - supposed to be the biggest Rama temple.

    In one of the walls I found picture of Rama felling trees. You can click following link to view the image.


    I noticed few odd things

    1.There are six trees - So far I have heard it as 7

    2. The trees are of different species

    3. You can spot a ?vaanar in one of the trees

    Can someone throw light on these.

    More pictures of the temple

  • Biggest Rama temple - Yes - But no inscriptions.

    Lot of speculations - Construction of temple is defenetly Nayaks but Moorti is debated as early chola.

    Siva temple of the same town has a fragmentary chola inscription.
  • Sankarji, there is a temple in Paramandhur village between Aranthangi
    and Avudayarkoil in Pudukkottai district. Legend has it that when 
    Sri Rama was in search of Sita, worshipped in this temple, which is in
    a very dilapidated condition. The moolavar is Adhikesavar. I have
    visited this place. Similarly, there is also a place called "Ramar Patham"
    between Sundarapandiyan Pattinam and Devipattinam along the coast of
    Ramnad where Srirama's footprints believed to be Sri Rama are there !
    This part of Pudukkottai has several such old temples, believed to be
    puranic, which have not notcome to much light !

  • Thanks sir - For my Ramayanam work, i have only considered temples which have datable proof and inscriptions. That itself is very big.

    Many Puranic temples were not taken as that puranam is not datable. But the list of temples considered with datable proof itself is very long.

    Hope Ramar will help to bring that in a format.

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