Least visited temple near Tirupur - Sugreeswarar
  • Dear all

    Recently I had a chance to visit Lord Sugreeswarar in Sarcar Periyapalayam near Tirupur. This is an ASI maintained temple. Few highlights are

    1.Siva with two nandhis
    2.Amman also having nandhi
    3.Amman on the right side of Siva

    It is stated to be 10th Century. It is recently renovated. There are lot of inscriptions. However, I found the inscriptions are damaged with layers peeling off. Was any sand blasting done? If so is this damage a result of it?

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  • Dear All!

    I heard that in olden days one Surangam was in this Temple from there to Sivanmalai hills.
    Whether it is correct ?

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