Thoeau, Gandhi,Lohia to Anna Hazare.

    Dr.Rammanoha Lohia was a great Sathyagrhi after.. In 1953 he was arrested for lradin a protest march of 3000 peasants in Lucknow
    He argued his case and strove to convince yhe Judge that Sathyagraha or Civil-disobedience,and quoted profusely from Henry David Thoreau.

    Thoreau siad " We cannot wait for a legislatio set Blacks free. Civil disobedience is the right of an inddividual, in a democracy. Lohia used tocall ot Theory of immediacy and practiced it relentlessly. Once, as a visitor yo USA, he saw a board in front of a hotel with a display " Blacks are not allowed in". He immediately squat on spot and refused to budge until the board was removed and the hoteliers apologised for their uncivility.. The poliice arrested him for causing Public inconvinience. Later a friend got him out o by contacting the Embassy.

    the president Kennedy expressed apologies to Lohia and the hoteliers were advised to remove the prohibition rule.

    Thoreau refused to pay taxes to the state until Slavery of the Blacks was abolished.He was put behind the Bars . His Friend Jefferson got himout on bail.

    Lohia frequently used to recall Prahalad and Socrates as the greatest Sathyagrahis in history.

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