Most Disturbing Death??!!
  • Dear All...

    Please welcome Bala Jeyaraman- the only person, as far as I know, who's set
    up a cool site on Ponniyin Selvan...

    Well B...gotcha at last! I was wondering when you'd turn up. You've
    certainly given a new perspective.:-) Pinagapani? Hmmm...

    1) Pinagapani is sort of presented as a comic figure from the start - that
    sort of comic figure, who gets beaten up often ( slapstic variety?). Its
    disturbing to see the comic relief done away with unceremoniously.

    Kalki probably wanted to make him as stupid in death as he was in life.
    Comic, hasty and narrow-minded. After all, in an epic this big, you need to
    have some comic relief.:-)

    3) There is no need for pinagapani to die. he could have been easily made a
    lunatic ( to fill up the void karuthiruman leaves?) or a recruit of
    "abathudavis". Death was the last fate i expected for him.

    Whyever not? Comic characters have as much a right to die *tragic* deaths as
    heroes and heroines, I think. To have Pinagapani as a lunatic languishing in
    prison or elsewhere would only mean a repetition- of sorts. Besides,
    there're too many lunatics in the story as it is.:-)

    PS : Pavithra - see i broke my silence!

    As I see- back with a bang!:-)
  • Hello Pavithra,

    Its indeed a sad demise of pinaagapani alias "pazhayaarai
    vaithiyar magan" but even more disturbing is Manimegalai's death. She
    fell in love with VandhiyaThevan. Manimegalai was used by Nandhini in
    her plots to kill Athithan. She turn to be lunatic but very deeply
    attached to Vandhiyathevan. The last lines of Po.Se, "ini kurumbu
    niraintha vanthiyadevanai kaana mudiyaathu, avan nenjil manimegala
    theivam kudiyeri vittaal.." this brings tears into your eyes! She was
    a victim of "RAJA THANTHIRAM" played by everyone including Kunthavai
    & vandhiyathevan. She was an innocent character but doomed to bloom.

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