Basic Doubt - Post RRC. Marathas in Tanjore.
  • Dear frriends,
    I was sure about what I remembered having read about Sivaji. difficult to get books from our librarires. " A book misplaced is a book lost " So I sought wiki's help. Presto I got a wiki article on "Marathi rule in Tanjore".

    article: Venkoji
    Venkoji, a
    half-brother of the great Maratha king Shivajiwas the first Raja of Thanjavur from the Bhonsle
    dynasty. It is believed that he took over the administration of Thanjavur in
    April 1674 and ruler till 1684. During his reign, his brother Shivaji invaded Gingeeand Thanjavur in 1676–1677 and made
    his brother Santaji the ruler of all lands to the north of the Coleroon. During the last years of his reign,
    Venkoji also allied with Chokkanatha of Maduraito repulse an invasion from Mysore.


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