Meditation and Monastries
  • Friends,
    Thanks to Kathie I am ablle to take a journey on "Time Machine" and browse albums of Lawrence Olivier and his co-stars. " Hamlet" staged by Shakespeare  Theater and subsequently on cinema. " To be or not to be can n, the famous Hamletian dilemma is evver remembered as eternal Human malady.

    Then I just scanned mylist of Bookmarks and stumbled on the topic "Moestary" I opened the file. t was a discussion on Christian Monestariesalong withURL references on Hindu and Buddhist Monestries

    Not only Hindus bu other religions also practice Meditation and live ascetic life, and livein in Monasteries fashioned just like our mutts.

    I am very familier with Christian Monasteries. Ramakrishna Mission at Chennai and Bangalore are places I visited frequently. I opened the URL on Buddhism. It opened to bodhgaya Buddhist temple- photograph. What a marvelous beauty. Kathie and her young friends, Saurab, Shash, would jump at it.

    I had spent half a day aat Belur Mutt, Its expans and serenity is Renarkable But i could not visit Bhodgaya..

    My Musings above w is a kind of meditation, according to JK or Zen school.

    Incidentally R.K.Mutt has published booklets on Mysticism and another on  Meditation, covering all religions.


    P.S. My fvourite temples . Some time later.

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