Govindapuarm – A place of Namasangeerthanam
  • Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamigals prasangam on Bagannama Bodhendral is really
    heart stirring. Tears rolled down my eyes when I first heard it. The CD was
    almost forced on me by the person in the stall at the Hinduism Exhibition
    held at Tiruvanmiyur in Jan, but when I heard it, I was doing namaskaram to
    that person in my heart.

    Yes..even Muralidhara swamigal says that even today, the ram chanting is
    heard till date.

    What a great soul. Thanks for sharing.
  • 3 great Contemprary yogis were living in Kumbakonam during that period.

    1. Swami Bodendra Saraswathi, the then head of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, who propagated that in kaliyug rama namam is the easiest way to salvation ( proof of shiva vaishnava unity) and hence called Bhagawan Nama Bodhendral

    2. Thiruvisainallor Sridhara Ayyaval, who showed Service to Humanityis Service to God ( Makkal Thonde Mahesan Thondu). He fed a poor person with the food kept for his Father's Shrard ( Davasam) and when asked to take a bath in Ganges, broght Ganges to his backyard.

    3. Sadasiva Brahmendrar who was an Avadootha advaidhi and also keeping complete silence. Once Brahmendral was sitting on a tree and Sreedhara Ayyaval pleaded him that for lesser mortal like him ( in fact he is pleading for the society)it is difficultto understand such Mouna Upadesam and requested him to teach upadeasam.

    On hearing this sadasiva brahmendra jumped down from the tree Singing his first composition " Broogi Muhundegi". from then on a huge musical treat - Nadha Upasana-started in that belt. Sadasiva Brahmendra himself composed many keertanas like " manasa Sancharare"

    This was followed by Narayana theertha,Abhirama Bhattar, Oothukadu, Trinity, Seergali Trinity and more.
  • Sir, Thanks for the details,
    A small correction,It is Sri.Jayakrishna Dikshidar[JKD], not Harikishnadikshidar

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