Tharamangalam - beautiful pillars lying in garbage
  • Dear all

    Recently I visited Tharamangalam near Salem. I was pained to see many beautiful pillars lying garbage dump. It is an insult to the sculptors. Probably they are damaged and not fit to be part of temple, but still I think they can be very well be used in places like traffic islands, lamp post etc.,

    Pictures in my blog at

  • Its so sad to see these beauties
  • dear sir,
    i saw the pictures of the pillars. very exquisite architecture. if we put our mind to it, i know we can raise awareness abt such pieces of art wich r not cared for. even if they cannot be used in temples, they can atleast be placed in museums so that the public can see and admire them. this only a suggestion. if we try hard enough, it cud bcum reality.

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