Vaish=shaiv conflict in Suprabatham
  • Cool my friends cool !

    A part of venkatesha Suprabatham text is give below.

    It was composed around 1430 A.D. by Sri Prathivadhi
    Bayankaram Anna Vedanthachari, a disciple of Swami Manavala
    Mamuni, who also composed Sri Ranganatha

    "sevaparah siva-suresa-krsanu-dharma-


    baddhanjali-pravilasan nijasirsa-desah

    sri-venkatachalapate! tava suprabhatam" Suprabatham

    Siva, Indra, Agni, Yama, Nairuti, Varuna, Vayu and Kubera, with folded hands placed on
    their heads, are desirous of offering service to thee. Lord of
    Venkatachala! May it be an auspicious dawn to thee

    Venkatesha suprabatham is, as you all know the most popular, enchanting
    and fascinating meloody rendered by none
    else than Srmathi ‘ istening for decades, I thooght of reading the ertire
    trandlation.But I was utterly disenchanted when I came across this part quoted
    above. What a great fall Humpty !

    Strange it is that such denigration of non-vaishnavite deities by an ardent
    pious lyricist of 15 th century. No physical assault, only moral assault.


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