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  • Dear SN,

    Oh... ESALAM !! Very nice. thanks for sharing

    Esalam is about 15 Kms South West of Tindivanam !!

    Birth place of Kavi Kaalamegam !!

    WONDERFUL PLACE .. WORTH MENTIONING RE HISTORY OF THE CHOLAS.. !! though not much publicised !!

    Esalam copper plates - found in late 1980s - published by State Archaelogist Thiru Nadana Kasinathan - was a bounty !!

    It confirmed several facts - unknown to KAN Sastry - Rasamanickanar - Pandarathar and the others..

    Krishnan Raman's sons - second one - was very close friend of RjC ..

    At the Order of Sarva siva pandithar RjC constructed this Temple..

    And it is from nearby Ennayiram inscriptions we get confirmation that Kulothunga I's KULADEYVAM is (Laxmi) Narasimha Swami whereas in the Dasavatharam movie HE is depicted as Anti-Vaishnavite !!

    Neary Dadapuram - Kundavai constructed a Jinalayam and Sundarachola Vinnagaram (Karivaradhaperumal temple) !!

    She also constructed another Rajarajecharam - Siva Temple - nearby which construction was overseen by Krishnan Raman !!

    It is in Ennayiram RjC created special Grants for students studying THIRUVOYMOZHI / Divyaprabandhams and the best Student was awarded Golden Flowers ( Porpoo !!) !!

    Esalam Copper Plates do confirm that Adithakarikalan murdered Veerapandian and put his head at the Thanjai Fort entrance !!

    Request dear SN to combine Ennayiram - Dadapuram details too.

    warm rgds/ sps


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