Fudamentals of religion
  • About Religion
    By. V.Kothanda Raman

    JuliusHuxley an eminent Socia scientist and Biologist,
    a Nonconformist and naturalist wrote an excellent book titled “
    Religion and revelations “ (I950). Aldous Huxley, his brother was immensely inspiresd and influenced by Indian
    Philosophy ,. Thomas
    Huxley was a liberal thinker from Darwinist
    school of biologists
    Julias Huxley writes, to summarise, as
    In the beginning an innocent man had to
    face nature , as hotan bright Sun, Dark Night
    with Silvery Moon and twinkling stars. He
    may not have known the Words for them. The storm, the the lightning, the thunder, Rain flood and forest fires , the roaring waves of
    the sea an should have been all awesome to
    him, Fear must have
    been hist emotion atfirst.He would have
    started liking or love some softer elements.
    He would have at once feared, admired and
    gradually loved
    Nature and a mixture of them
    Direct perception and responce of Nature
    was his religion so to say.

    religious feelings. We can see the truth. People in clusters at various centers world over, the Sumerians, the Vedic people, the Mayan, the Chinese, the Jews and their Abrahamic bretherens quarrel only about the social-relationship, thei Calenders, religious protocols, posesion of wealth
    and power or authority, the super structure
    clamped, called ‘Society’ by him.
    In the fundamental relation ship with Nature
    they are almost alike, but for very small
    differences as to how Nature has posed to
    them as a variance, due to distance, time and location. Strip the cloak of Words, then you find man merging into one personality.

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