Some notes on " Cleaning" Sculptures
  • Friends, On cleaning sculptures I wish to intercept as a metallurgist and foundry technologist..
    Cleaning can be done
    1. Sand blasting.
    2. Chemical cleaning by jet.
    In any Metallurgic lab will tell you that material is removed while polishing or obtaining a relatively smooth surface starting from a broken rough surface. Perhaps  a dentist could also /throw some light on polishing
    The culprit is not 'the Sand blasting', but as muc a wrong method and toolsof sand blasting.'
    material removed at one time of jetting depends on,
    1. Volume of abrasive material ejected., depends on jet nozle type and angle and motor-gun speed.
    2. Size and shape of abrasiv
    e grains.
    3. 'Hardness'  of abraive material.
    6.'Hardness' of material to be cleand or polished.
    7. Type and nature of any foriegn material to be removed

    In case of metallic sculptures or any other antiques Chemical cleaning be adopted, preferably by Electro-chemical proces.
    Better nconsultAbrasive manufacturers,and Metallurgists from leading industries on every campaign.
    I ould guide them to right person or institution if anyof the concerned people comtat me.
    V.Kothanda Raman.
    044 26449397; 91 9444939183

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